At StableForm we believe in supporting the needs of horse trainers regardless of their location. With our LiveView functionality a horse trainer can ‘see’ how their horse trains from anywhere in the world. The trainer can see live speed, location and heart rate data.

This is now available from StableForm for free.

The following video illustrates LiveView in action for harness racing, but its equally applicable for thoroughbred training or any other horse training.

To start using StableForm LiveView:

  1. Download the StableForm app on your smartphone, your track rider will also need to download the app on their smartphone. The app is free.
  2. Create a StableForm account, registration is free.
  3. Login on both phones using this account.
  4. Within the StableForm app, add each horse you wish to track into the Stables page.
  5. The rider then needs to open the StableForm app, click on the record menu option to display the record page, select the horse they’re riding from the drop down and press the red record button.
  6. Any other phones with the StableForm app installed, and logged in with the same account will then be notified that the horse being ridden, either click the notification to go to the Live View page, or select the Live View menu item in the Stable Form app.

It’s that simple, you will get a notification that one of your horses has started training and finished training.

If you have any questions you can contact us here on the StableForm website or anytime through the app (via the Profile page)

Download it now