Solutions for the Equine industry

We provide performance and well being measurement services to all Equine sporting disciplines, from thoroughbred racing, to trotting, distance racing, polo, equestrian and pony clubs.

Our products allow you to record, monitor and track over the short and long term, speed based analytics, heart performance, and horse movement.

This provides insights into how your horse is responding to your training, whether it is developing an injury, or potentially if it is ready for more training (or race/event day!)

Our products

Movement Data

Understand how your horse moves – stride length, stride rate and stride loading/balance data. Detect changes in movement or loading/balance of a horse before your jockeys do.

Live Training Data

View live sectional, speed and heart rate data. Watch your horse training live even when you are miles away.

Long Term Trends

View long term trends on sectionals, heart rate, heart rate variability and speed. Get new insights into how your training program is performing.

Secure, Accessible

Training data is securely stored in the cloud using industry standard security practices, record your data and access it immediately from anywhere in the world.

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Free trial

Try our app, risk free

To see if StableForm is suitable for your horse training, try our free trial.

Our trial users can:

  • Record training sessions and see sectional times, speed, location and heartrate (where applicable),
  • View live training data, speeds and heartrate from anywhere in the world

Just download the app for you smartphone, register, then start training.

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Movement Data

  • Measure your horses limb movement by our custom made fetlock guards
  • Quick and simple to use, measure every training session to gather long term trends
  • Detect any change in movement or gait of your horses
  • Understand how change in surface from turf to sand impacts your horses